Girl Pants debut their full EP and a very spoopy music video for ‘Jupiter’.

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Photo by Josh Thomas.

Story by: Jarrod Hayslette.

The rapid ascension of Girl Pants as a band, not to mention our long-standing personal relationship with the members of the band, was a huge motivator for officially establishing OC. Formed last September, in the wake of screamo outfit Oddczar’s dissolution, Girl Pants is a more frantic yet brooding take on the former project, incorporating a bit of post-punk sensibility for good measure. This interview was conducted sporadically over the last couple of months while they were recording their debut EP. The Oddboy Collective is honored to debut the two-part EP in its entirety here, along with a music video for the song “Jupiter”, after these words…

Hi huns. To get this thing started, let’s just go around and introduce ourselves and our role in Girl Pants.

My name is Michael, and I’m the noise guy. I play keyboard and auxiliary percussion. I also play guitar!

I’m Brandon, and I play drums.

My name is Matt and I play bass.

My name is Dylan and I play guitar.

Hey! I’m Clayton and I play guitar (gives peace sign)

It’s me, Rusty. I sing and yell and dance around with the mic.

How has the recording process for this first Girl Pants release been coming along?

Michael: Recording the band while being in the band, I’ve just wanted to get the best possible sound from these songs that we can, and we really just wanted to go ahead and get these songs out. But, we’ve been able to take our time, which has given me the chance to learn some new things about recording and engineering because I certainly don’t know it all.

Brandon: It’s been a long but rewarding process. We’ve had a number of songs that we’ve written but we’re stoked on these four in particular. We demoed them at first to get them down pat, but these recordings will hopefully capture that tightness.

Matt: We’ve been together for a year and just taking our this time to record and make everything sound the way we want it to has been great for everyone.

Rusty: We want to get this music out, but having Michael do it means life comes first for him… and we knew that going in. It’s been fun having a bandmate record all of this. It’s directly involved and you can be honest.

Clayton: We usually record everything idea wise, even when we’re just jamming songs out. The two things are one in the same almost. That’s how we approached these recordings. We’ve been writing new songs while we’ve been in the process of recording these “older” songs so it’s a constant cycle.

Dylan: It’s gone really smooth! We had talked about recording these songs live but I knew regardless my set up would be true to the sound we’ve developed, and I think it just showcases that raw element we have been aiming for. I’ve learned a lot throughout this whole process.

How has the transition from the former project Oddczar, to the new project Girl Pants been?

Michael: It’s been interesting. Oddczar was a pretty close-knit group of five friends who had played together since high school, whereas Girl Pants is six guys, two of which I had never played music with previously. The end of Oddczar was essentially when Girl Pants became a real thing. Oddczar had run its course and Girl Pants was a way for us to continue playing music, which is the most important thing to me.

B: Pretty easy, I’d say. Growing up as a drummer, I love the mindset drumming puts me in. I really wanted to push myself individually with this project. Matt, Clayton, (Michael) Kuhn, and I have been playing in bands with each other for years now and we know each other’s personality and writing style well. We drew from a particular place with Oddczar’s sound and with GP, we’ve been meshing all our influences together.

Matt: It’s been a lot more fluid than anticipated. B and I were the primary songwriters in Oddczar just because we had a lot more free time than the other guys. Being apart of the rhythm section of this band with B and continuing to write with him has been awesome because we do it so well. I was in a different place emotionally when I wrote a lot of the lyrics for Oddczar and I felt like I had said my piece. I dig this new role.

C: At first I was opposed to Girl Pants becoming the main band. The transition was weird but once it became the priority we all decided we would push it 100% and make that our primary focus. I definitely have more involvement with the writing process for GP. Oddczar was something more genre-specific I guess, and we’ve kind of chose to go down a very open path creatively with GP’s sound, not confining it to anything.

Rusty you are a new addition to the Oddboy mix, musically that is. How have you enjoyed your role as frontman so far?

R: I like being able to just get up there and get caught up in the set. I’m very critical of myself and when I get complemented after a set it’s so weird and funny. I’ve always wanted to write lyrics and sing in a band and it was cool that Girl Pants came together the way that it did naturally. It’s an adrenaline rush for me to play a set. I count the days between shows because I look forward to them so much. I can be myself unapologetically for 30 minutes.

Dylan, this is technically your second band, but your first “serious” endeavor. What has being in this band been like for you so far?

D: I definitely wanted to take my writing more seriously and Girl Pants has allowed me to do so. I was a local kid who was really into Oddczar and all the other bands the guys had been a part of in the past. Coming together and jamming with these guys helped me gain a lot of confidence in my own songwriting ability. Playing shows is the best part of it all. Seeing people singing along or just losing themselves in a certain part of the song rules.

Girl Pants at The HideAway in Johnson City, TN. Photo by Sammy Presta
Girl Pants at The Hideaway in Johnson City, TN. Photo by Sammy Presta.

What’s the next step for you guys heading into the new year?

Michael: I want to play more out of town shows. We’d like to tour, but everyone has pretty busy schedules we’d need to work around. Writing more new material and further experimenting with our sound. I’d like to record again soon. If and when we do, we plan on going to someone else outside of the band.

B: I’m just glad we are getting this first release out. It’s been a long time in the making. I definitely want to play more weekenders and out of town shows these next couple months. Touring would be cool in the next year too. We all are either in school or working right now, but we want to make it happen.

Matt: Just releasing these songs. We have two new songs already written that we would love to record and have released in some format following that too. But we aren’t in a rush, we will continue to write and record and release music if we are confident it represents us well. We write what we want to write.

C: Yeah we just want to get the songs out, but moreso just to give people some decent quality recordings to listen to. I’d like to have a handful of these newer songs we’ve been jamming recorded and released by the start of the year. I would love to tour but it’s a matter of figuring out the means of travel and getting everyone’s work and personal schedule aligned.

D: I want to push this as hard as we can once these songs come out. We love playing Charlotte, but we want to play outside of the city and state for sure. We’ve been talking about possibly releasing the music in some sort of physical format as well, which would be really cool.

R: We’ll continue to write and put out the music we want to release that is without boundaries. This isn’t our livelihood or source of income so we don’t have to compromise the writing process for any reason. I want us to press our songs into some sort of physical format and I want us to tour. All of us are in tune with one another and we want to do it the right way.

We’ve already talked about the wide array of influences sound-wise that Girl Pants has. What’s one band or artist you’re really into currently?

Michael: Russian Circles.

B: Foxing.

Matt: Creedence Clearwater Revival.

C: Xerxes.

R: Moss Icon.

D: Shania Twain.

Any final words for all the huns out there?

B: Stay wet, stay weird.

Matt: Shut it poppa.

Thanks boys.

Here is Girl Pants’ video for the song ‘Jupiter’ which was directed and filmed by Josh Thomas. Its bloody as fuck.

Also listen to and download the ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Gloss’ EPs.


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