Florida Man – “Wet Brain” (Music Video Premiere!)

Florida Man. Photo by Paul King.

We are pleased to share with you the music video for ‘Wet Brain’, the first from Charleston’s post-hardcore outfit Florida Man . Oh man, this band came out swinging earlier this year with their self-titled debut EP, and they don’t plan on stopping soon. These visuals, composed by Richmond based photographer/filmmaker Chris Harris, show the band performing with the same fantastic raw energy you could expect from their live performance. And then there’s lights. Literally… all of the lights. Florida Man guitarist Andrew Barnes fielded some questions from us about how this video came together. Check it out below…

The video for “Wet Brain” is the first visual accompaniment that you guys have put out from your Self Titled EP released earlier this year. Tell us a little bit about what’s in this song and why y’all chose to make the video for this track in particular?

It was kind of a toss-up between 3 or 4 of the songs on the EP, but we ended up going with Wet Brain because it’s a good quick synopsis of the EP’s sound in general. It’s got a little bit of the abrupt start/stop dynamics that we like, the Jim & CJ trade-off vocals, and the super riffy bridge all wrapped up in a nice under 3-minute ditty.

How did the concept of this video come together?

We knew we had to keep it simple because we’re a new band and don’t have a crazy budget and also the fact that our guy Chris Harris who shot and edited the video could only come down from Richmond for one afternoon to film it. We settled on just doing a performance video, but knew going into it that we aren’t pretty or entertaining enough to keep people’s interest with just us playing in a bland room, so we got our friend Chris (this was a two Chris production) of Get Rigged Lighting on board to make the room pop, give the video some character, and temporarily blind us while we filmed. The two of them knocked it out of the park and gave me a newfound appreciation for anyone with the name Chris moving forward in my life.

Charleston, and South Carolina in general, seems to have had a pretty exciting little surge in the music scene over the last few years. What’s your take on the SC music community these days?

There was a really cool, unplanned moment in the first half of 2017 when all of these louder bands out of Charleston were putting out killer new material like Riot StaresDumb DoctorsInneroutMothmotherCatholics, and To Forget. We were stoked to put out our EP around that same time and be a part of this little accidental movement that was happening. Hopefully we can all keep it pushing and people will continue to take notice of what’s going on here. It’s not just Charleston though, to name a few we love what our buddies in Vacation State and Abacus are doing in Columbia and bands like WVRM and Gláss in Greenville. It’s an exciting time be playing music in South Carolina. Also, shout out to Terraphonics and Matt Monday because that’s some of my favorite shit coming out of Charleston right now and not enough people talk about either of them.

You guys just got back from a quick run up and down the Northeast. How was that?

It was a blast! The response so far from when we’ve taken the Florida Man Family Band Roadshow out of town has been super encouraging. We got to play with some incredible bands, see a ton of old friends and make a bunch of new ones, and learn how to wear these things called “long johns” and “gloves” in the bitter arctic temperatures we were facing up there in the low 40’s.

What else should we expect soon from Florida Man?

For the most part this winter we’re going to be writing our next release. We’ve got 11 or 12 rough song ideas that we’ll be tweaking and picking from over the next few months and then we’ll be hitting the road all over as much as we can. We’ll be hitting up the Midwest and Texas for the first time and going back to some of our favorite Northeast and Southeast spots. We’re even going to see if we can make it down to Florida and back with our name, body parts, and will to live still intact. We might be giving the first EP the vinyl treatment as well. Stay tuned!


Get Florida Man’s 2017 self-titled EP HERE. Keep up with the band on Instagram @whoisfloridaman.

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