Weary Legs – ‘Provisions’ Demo (New Music!)

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today we have for you the first taste of what is to come from new Charlotte post-hardcore outfit Weary Legs. The band is comprised of members of local groups such as Modern Primitives, Suit City, HU/LK, Sugar Glyder, and Swell Friends to name a few. We aren’t going to use the word supergroup, because that word is awful, but these guys have their chops and you know it. Vocalist Dane Abernathy had this to say on how the band came together and what the songs on ‘Provisions’ are all about for him…

“Robby and Jesse had already been playing together when they reached out to me. I think Robby talked to Tim and he was interested so we got together for our first practice. Robby and Jesse had a few riffs already, Tim hopped on and started adding the bass lines. We wrote a couple of songs that night, and a couple of practices later, Miles joined the band and caught up quick and threw in some ideas he already had as well.

I lost my mother last July, we were close, very close. She was a single mother and I was a single child. Life was difficult to say the least as a kid, especially with moms depression and anxieties, “Provisions” touches on that a bit. The second song, “Blinded Faith”, is about my faith, or struggle with, or lack there of, or whatever the case may be on any given day. I consider myself a Christian, but I don’t go to church and I hate what the “church” has become.

We want our music to be a vessel for escape. We want people to know that someone is on their side and they’re never alone in their fight.

Keep going.”

Weary Legs is Dane Abernathy, Robby Hartis, Miles Knox, Tim Nhu, and Jesse Soper.

Keep up with Weary Legs on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram @wearylegsnc.

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