Suit City – S/T EP (New Music!)

After a year or so of enamoring the Charlotte scene with riffs and punishing ears, we are pleased to share with you the debut EP from Suit City. This band is a family affair in more ways than one, and the accolades of the members need not be discussed. Just know that they have been out here. No further questions. Guitarist and vocalist Christian Pittman had this to say of the record…

“This is the Suit City EP. We’ve been waiting a long time to make this music. It’s loud and fast, and certainly flawed, and we like it that way.

We spent a day this summer at Touch Me Not studio with Michael Kuhn recording everything we had and these are our favorites. Do us a favor if you listen: turn it the fuck up. Don’t play this on your laptop speakers or aloud on your phone. Get in your shitty car and blow out the speakers on your way to your shitty job.”

Catch Suit City in the Carolinas next month with Planet Creep


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