Planet Creep – “Abide” (New Music!)


We are pleased to bring you the the first single from Charlotte’s new band Planet Creep. This project is a new endeavour from guitarists John Russell (Earth Mover, Alright) and Corey Doran (ex Barrow), and drummer Evan Boggs. This band is loud as hell and will not take any of your nonsense. Russell had this to say on “Abide”…

“Planet Creep was an unplanned accident. A previous project falling apart led to the three of us deciding to go in a more direct path. No fuss, shorter songs, cut everything in half. Focus on a gut punch of sound rather than a build up. For me, it was a direct line into my brain at the time of writing these songs. I had to tell myself and my band to cut the bullshit. I was in a dark place, and writing some of these songs was an attempt to build a ladder to climb out of that. Not sure if I succeeded, but at least the songs are miserable.

In the middle of all of this self-pity and a fluster of writing depressing shit, Charlotte hit an even darker spot. As a continuance of a nationwide and age old ritual, a police officer shot an unarmed African American male, named Keith Lamont Scott, who was waiting to pick his son at his school bus’ stop. Within the evening of the shooting, Charlotte imploded into protest as the city’s residents expressed raw emotion and anger with the city’s police department, and adding to a nationwide movement. I had an eye opening moment (or several moments) over that next week. The events in Charlotte told me to cut my own bullshit. I realized that my period of darkness was only a situational inconvenience compared to the more important things happening around me. I wrote the lyrics to Abide within the next week or so of the shooting.

When we recorded a few songs, we unanimously decided that Abide should be recorded. It was one of our favorites, music-wise, and it stood for something beyond ourselves. It’s our love song to Charlotte and our hate song to racial injustice. Adding resident Oddboy and Cabrón vocalist, Mike Rice on the track was a treat to us all. He does so much for Charlotte and for the Oddboy Collective, so it was exciting for us to have him do some hollering on the song.”

See Planet Creep tonight at The Station with Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes & Vampyre.

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