Ivadell – “Lavender Mind” (New Music!)

A little over a year after releasing their debut LP Maybe Tomorrow, Columbia, SC rock outfit Ivadell has returned with their most focused batch of songs to date. For the Birds, the forthcoming three song EP, will see the light of day December 9th via Broken Circles, but for now, we are pleased to be premiering the first single, “Lavender Mind”.

Photo by Sam Leathers

Formed in late 2013, the upstart four-piece have forged a gorgeous and engulfing sound that incorporates a wide range of influences, running the gamete from As Tall As Lions to Deftones to Sunny Day Real Estate. For this particular track, the heavy and bombastic orchestrations have been restrained a bit, seeing the band hone in on their poppiest tendencies. The final product is one that will certainly please fans both new and old of the group, and offer a glimpse into the next chapter for the Ivy boys. See for yourself and stream “Lavender Mind” below:

For the Birds is available for pre-order in both physical and digital formats now. Check it out via the Broken Circles store or the Ivadell Bandcamp.

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