Cuzco / Catholics – Split (NEW MUSIC!)

We are pleased to share with you the new split EP from Cuzco and Catholics, the jangly-noodly-mathy rock dreamboats hailing from Charlotte and Charleston respectively. Each side of this 7-inch EP, which is officially out March 9th, features the first single from these bands who have each gone through a year of transition. Cuzco guitarist Will Schoonmaker had this to say about how the two bands initially bonded and how this collaborative project came together..

“Cuzco and Catholics met without knowing either of the two had a love for post and math rock. The story began in 2015 as Tyler and I met at a pop rock show through a mutual friend who linked Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC. As the genre pool of ambient, math, and post rock bands is so minimal. If you know of a few groups, you are well in the know of almost every band in that genre from the past years, and upcoming. The two of them shared their love for the genres and continued on to learn about each individuals taste and how they were attuning themselves to share the stage many times to come.

Each band went through lineup changes through the recording of this Split 7″. The Catholics members through many percussionists and Cuzco through their rhythm section. As Cuzco cannot speak on behalf of Catholics, we want everyone to know that we dedicate this split to our long friend Matt McConomy and all of the emotion, traveling, and time he put into Cuzco before parting ways to continue his journey elsewhere. Downtown as Fruits to Cuzco was just that, and how much dedication not only Matt but every member put into the band, learning together and growing together over a couple of years to create this song. It was the last song recorded before Dylan Robbins, and Matt McConomy parted.

Downtown As Fruits depicts each aspect of Cuzco as well as it could have ever been recorded, with a huge thank you to Justin Aswell. The beginning punch of chaos, transitional periods and a hopeful future, through the midst of the song it becomes audible that you reach a plateau of comfort and harmony. For the song to then transfer its way within the last few minutes of a winding road fields on each side and the warm red sky of a sunset with your fellow companions not knowing where it will lead to until the final abrupt harmonic of “yeah, this is exactly where I want to be.”

The Cuzco/Catholics Split is now available for pre-order, and will be available everywhere March 9th via Refresh Records. Buy it HERE!

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