Cabrón releases ‘Nothing Matters’ EP.

Nothing Matters. Artwork by Nate Jones.
Nothing Matters. Artwork by Nate Jones.

About a year ago, I was sitting in my apartment in Chapel Hill, North Carolina losing my mind. The band I had been in (Richard Parker) for the past few years played our last show on December 23, 2013. This coincided nicely with the messy end of a relationship and the biggest snowstorm in recent memory hitting the Triangle. About 99.9% of my friends who had once lived in Chapel Hill had moved, and although I was (finally) graduating college after six years, I still didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do with my life. So I picked up my guitar and started recording stuff. I was pretty much exclusively listening to a Hank Williams anthology, Converge’s “Jane Doe” on repeat, and a lot of old Motown. I spent months mixing the instrumental demos, and I had no idea what I was going to do with them (if anything). Somewhere along the way, I decided that Cabrón would be the perfect name. There isn’t really a direct translation from Spanish to English, but it means something along the lines of “asshole”. It’s an insult, but when you say it in your head it sounds like something beautiful. I ended up letting the universe decide what I was going to do with my life; I flipped a coin, and the outcome dictated that I move back to Charlotte, which I did in June. There was never any question on who I’d get involved in this thing, as I’ve played music with essentially the same group of people since I was 16. For every band I’ve ever been in, the objective has always been to make music that we would want to listen to ourselves. I wasn’t really aware that there was any other way to do it. This city has changed more quickly in the past five years than many of us ever thought it would during our lifetime. Being a punk band in Charlotte almost invariably means that the music you create will at least tangentially reflect your relationship with this city. You could say that’s a major theme here. But take from it what you want; we hope that you enjoy listening to this record as much as we enjoyed making it. Thanks to everyone.

Keep music evil,
Xan Law

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