It’s Friday, and we’re pumped to bring you our second new song stream of the week! Today we are pleased to present “Young Fangs”, the first single from Los Angeles, California upstart alt-rock worshippers Bloom. Featuring members of former SoCal hardcore acts The Greenery, Rotting Out, and No Bragging Rights, Bloom is a departure sonically from those previous projects, bringing to mind the emotive songwriting of recent rockers Make Do & Mend and Polar Bear Club. With only a handful of shows under their belts, 2017 looks to be a busy year as the boys move ahead with plans to release their debut EP in the coming months. For now, check out the brand new single below!

Bloom is:
John Alaimo (The Greenery)
Daniel Mayo (The Greenery)
Alfredo Pedrozo (Rotting Out)
Martin Alcedo (No Bragging Rights)

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