Vicinus is the Latin word for neighbor, and when your neighbors are in need, you help them. The initial idea behind this compilation was to create something that would generate funds for relief for the families of the victims of the shooting in Charleston last week. To do this, The Oddboy Collective looked to our friends throughout the Charlotte music scene for help. What we have ended up with is really great and diverse showcase of all the talent that we have here in The Carolinas. What started as a small cluster of old demoes and live recordings of projects that we were in, turned into a 27 track collection of new, exclusive material from some great artists. Even without the cause behind it, we think this record is awesome. Good music is made by good people, and you can hear that in this record. But behind the music, the music community in the Carolinas is saying, just as people, that when one bad person shows themselves and does bad things to good people, it will not be tolerated. We hope that you will support this record, and support the idea of good. Thank you as always.

All proceeds from purchasing this record will be donated directly to The Mother Emanuel Hope Fund which will provide relief to the families of the victims of the tragedy in Charleston.

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