Unconditional Love From Slingshot Dakota

Slingshot Dakota is a dynamic DIY indie/punk two-piece from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They’ve existed in one form or another since 2003 and are truly a unique force. There’s something to be said for a band that you can rely on in the scene and continues to evolve, improve and just simply get better with age.  I was lucky to ask Carly (singer/keyboardist) a couple questions before their show on Friday at Snug Harbor.


Aug 7th @ Snug Harbor w/ Slingshot Dakota, Petal, Alright, and Shell. 9pm.

Josh: How are you and how is tour so far?

Carly: Hello! We are great and tour is awesome. Any tour that is under a month we usually define as a “vacay-tour,” because it’s usually a shorter stretch of local shows. And it’s summer time, hence vacation.

Josh: For those that don’t know, how did Slingshot Dakota form? Take us through the history.

Carly: Tom and I have been a two piece band since 2006, although the band existed with different lineups since 2003. Every incarnation is Slingshot Dakota has been different but I love them all. However, being just a two piece band with my husband definitely makes touring a heck of a lot easier.

Josh: Your last LP was released in 2012, any plans for a follow up? 

Carly: We recorded our newest record this last spring and it will be released in 2016 by Topshelf Records.

Josh: Have you played in Charlotte, NC before?

Carly: We have played the Milestone twice in the past, and a record store, but it was definitely over 5 years ago. We are excited to return to Charlotte and check our your local scene!

Josh: Tell us about Kiley Lotz (aka Petal) who you are touring with?

Carly: We are great friends with all of Petal, so traveling with Kiley while she performs as Petal solo is just like traveling with family. It’s a breeze and she is an incredible musician, songwriter, singer and human. Any musician that is genuine and sincere gets unconditional love from us!

Josh: How do you juggle the road with adult problems, like bills, home life and jobs?

Carly: When we aren’t on the road, we pick up random shifts at our local cafés and record shops. It’s a pretty good life when you can help out some coworkers and then leave for tour whenever you want. I also do music licensing for tv and film, so I dedicate time to that when I am home. When the band isn’t supplementing our income, we work whatever jobs we can.


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