The True Enemy Comes Home.

YAITW at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Photo by Peter Troest

Next week, Charlotte’s wayward sons Young And In The Way will be closing out their 2015 at home. After a busy year filled with composing the forthcoming follow-up to 2014’s ‘When Life Comes To Death’, and still finding time to fly back and forth for runs of shows in Europe, including a week of shows supporting Converge, The True Enemy is returning to Neighborhood Theatre on December 12th. The band was kind enough to field some questions from us about what to expect at their year end ceremony, and what 2016 has in store.

YAITW hasn’t played Charlotte since May, and there was a time where it was rumored that you may never play a hometown show again. Why return now?

The amount of chaos that occurred around that show made us question any future plans for playing locally. We were banned from future performances at that particular venue and that’s probably how the rumors unfolded. We’ve always been a band to do exactly what we want with no exceptions and the last time we were on stage together was July 4th at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. 2015 was a special year for us as a band and we have chosen to close it out with a wild night at home.

YAITW at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Photo by YAITW at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Photo by Peter Troest.
YAITW at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Photo by Peter Troest.

Your shows in Charlotte, and mostly everywhere, have always been chaos to say the least. Anything we should expect from you guys to up the ante at the upcoming show at Neighborhood Theatre?

Expect a stripped down, high intensity show of some older material that we haven’t played live in several years.

The show is a co-headliner with Scowl Brow, and the lineup seems to be split down the middle (two metal bands, and two more straightforward rock bands). Why was this lineup chosen?

We’re fans of and friends with all the bands playing on December 12th, we wanted to end 2015 with a bang and there is no better band to do that with than Scowl Brow. They bring their own brand of chaos to their live shows. The Seduction is an awesome and underrated heavy rock n roll band that people need to take more notice of. Funeral Chic brings d-beat intensity to round off the line up.


Any new material in the works?

Yes, we’re working on an EP we hope to begin recording sometime around Spring 2016. We also have a Split 7″ completed that is being planned for release on Record Store Day 2016.

What is the origin of “The True Enemy” moniker?

Hank III said it best: “Not everybody likes us…but we drive some folks wild.”

You guys toured Europe for the first time earlier this year. Were European crowds receptive? Are there any European aversions to American black metal in general?

European crowds were very receptive, friendly and hospitable. It was a privilege to support Converge as well as meet fans from all over the globe. Any aversions to what we are doing are typically reserved for the internet and keyboard warriors.

YAITW in Geneve, Switzerland. Photo by Miseria Nera.
YAITW in Geneve, Switzerland. Photo by Miseria Nera.
Any final thoughts?

Hope to see you on December 12th at Neighborhood Theatre… and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an Oddczar reunion one day.

Thanks guys.

Get tickets for YAITW’s show at Neighborbood Theatre December 12th HERE.

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