Prawn Bring Their Buzz Back to Charlotte.

On Thursday, August 13th at Neighborhood Theatre, Prawn will make their valiant return to The Queen City. The show is happening just shy of a year after an intimate off-date show from the first Topshelf Records tour, which coincidentally was the inaugural show at the Odd Room.  Just last year the band gained quite a bit of buzz from their first full-length release Kingfisher on Topshelf Records, a record that managed to secure the majority of fans’ top records of 2014, including ours.  After being on the road all over the U.S., in between several European and Canadian tours over the better half of this past year, the band has rightfully earned their “road dog” medals. We were grateful to have the opportunity to field a couple questions from Prawn’s Tony Clark, about road-dogging, their experiences in Charlotte, and gearing up for football season as a Giants fan.

You guys have been hitting the road pretty hard lately. What’s your favorite thing about being on tour?

Tony Clark: Yeah, we’ve been a busy band the last year or so. I turned 26 on our last tour in Europe and realized I had been on the road 5 months out of 12 when I was 25. There’s a lot I really like about being on tour. Seeing new places and meeting new people is probably my favorite. Of course playing good shows and seeing people appreciate your music is something indescribably special as well. We are home for the time being. We hit the road with Braid and Dikembe starting August 12th for a week.

How does playing shows overseas differ from playing stateside?

TC: That’s like oranges and apples. This last headline tour we did was our third time playing overseas. You are much more of a tourist on tour when playing overseas. The food and drink is way, way better in Europe than the states. Promoters treat bands a bit better in Europe too. They always have food, drinks, and a place for the bands to crash. It also seems like audiences are more enthusiastic towards smaller bands like us. I think they realize how expensive and time consuming it is for bands like us to actually make it overseas and tour.

What are your predictions on the Giants record this year? And your number one fantasy football draft pick? What is your prediction on how much Rolling Rock will you consume watching the Giants this year?

TC: I’m hoping for 11-5, but I’m thinking 10-6 and we squeak into the playoffs. JPP blowing off his hand really didn’t help the Giants cause this year, but our receiving core is one of the best in the leagues. I think our offense will be potent if our Offensive line holds up. Number one draft pick? I’ll have to get back to you on that. We’ll consider a 12 pack per game, so 12 times 16 is 192 regular season Rolling Rocks.

Most of the tours you all have done have been with Topshelf artists.  Is there something to keeping it in the family?

TC: Yeah, we’ve slowly started to realize that. I think it is really nice to keep it in family and become friends with your label mates. At the same time, all of the Topshelf bands are some of our favorite bands, so we really want to tour with all of them haha.

The August 13th show is your third time playing in Charlotte? How has the city treated you over the last couple of years?

TC: Charlotte has been interesting. First time we played the show was kind of a bust. The second house show we played was a blast. Charlotte seems like a cool city, but we really haven’t gotten a chance to explore it too much. We always seem to go golfing instead.

Prawn at The Odd Room September 2014.
Prawn at The Odd Room September 2014.

What’s in the works after this run of dates?

TC: After this Braid tour, we’ll be taking some time off this fall to write and work. The only thing we have lined up is Fest at the end of October. We’ve been on tour for forever so a nice break is what the doctor prescribed.

Know Good Entertainment and The Oddboy Collective present Prawn and Dikembe at Neigborhood Theatre.
Know Good Entertainment and The Oddboy Collective present Prawn and Dikembe at Neigborhood Theatre.

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