A chat with Luke Pate of Frameworks.

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This past week, on the eve of the release of their sophomore record, The Odd Room hosted Frameworks. The band electrified a packed living room of kids, with an impassioned and crushing set of songs new and old in between swigs of a shared handle of Kentucky Gentleman. It was a good party. If you are unfamiliar with the work of Frameworks you should get yourself aquatinted with them quickly.  Their new record ‘Smother’ is out now via the almighty Deathwish Inc. We had a chat with the band’s vocalist Luke Pate about composing ‘Smother’ among other things. He’s a mega cool dude. Check it out…

Your new record ‘Smother’ just dropped on Friday. Front to back, you can hear a definitive sonic growth for you guys with these songs. How did you approach the writing and recording process for LP2?

The writing process wasn’t entirely that different, we were just more familiar with what we were getting into this time. We’ve found by trial and error that setting a deadline for ourselves is our best motivator. So, we started writing a few months after ‘Loom’ came out and when we got pretty far into the writing process we booked the dates, knowing regardless of what members or labels, we were going to record a new album. Sonically we had the mindset to write more cohesive songs rather than a cohesive album. Subjectively to us, the songs don’t seem different from anything we’ve previously written, so any growth is owed to whatever natural music progression that might have happened between releases and line-up changes.

For your previous album ‘Loom’, you guys worked with Bay Area producer Jack Shirley. For ‘Smother’, you chose to work with Matt McCllelan at his Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta. What about Matt in particular lead you to working with him this time around?

With Matt it was comfortability. Jack Shirley is an amazing producer and person. Any opportunity to work with him is highly suggested. But being from Florida, recording in California added on a bit more stress commuting to and from. So we thought recording closer to home where we had finished everything prior to Loom would be the best fit.

‘Smother’ is the first Frameworks release with Deathwish. How did that relationship initially develop? 

It started on the Modern Life Is War tour. I remembered seeing Tre side stage recording MLIW’s entire set from his phone which confirmed my thoughts about them being an incredibly dedicated label. After we booked the dates to record we figured it wouldn’t hurt to reach out and see if they were interested and to our surprise, they were. It’s been incredible since.

Both the artwork for ‘Smother’ and the ‘Time Spent’ EP were in the style and aesthetic of Brian Vu. What artistic vision did you guys have for these recent releases that lead to working with him and his experimental approach?

We had vague ideas for both albums’ art but Brian was really able to take them and run with it. Dude is incredibly gifted and it’s been a pleasure to work with him.

Brian Vu / Jacob Bannon.
Brian Vu / Jacob Bannon.

Personally, what is your favorite song on the new LP, and why so?

I don’t know if I have a favorite yet. It’s between ‘Fear Of Missing Out’, ‘Marathon’, and ‘The New Narcissistic American Dream’. They were all written about experiences still very relevant to me.

What was it like for you guys coming up in Gainesville’s historically strong punk scene? Did the town put on for Frameworks or were you more so in your own lane?

Growing up in Gainesville was ideal for what we wanted to do with music. Gainesville’s music appreciation and ideologies crafted ours very early on. However we did choose our own lane. There wasn’t and still isn’t too many people in Gainesville that are into what we are doing, but some are able to respect how we are doing it.

You guys just came through Charlotte for the third time on Thursday. What has your past experience playing here, and around the Carolinas, been like?

Charlotte is very welcoming and we greatly appreciate it. The Oddboys take care of us as if we were a local, and for that I don’t know if we’ve ever had a bad show in Charlotte. We once played a show with Barrow, Apart, Better Off, and Caravels. That will probably always be one of my favorite shows we’ve ever played.

Following the album release shows, what do y’all have planned for the rest of 2016?

We have a few tours lined-up that we’re pretty excited for. We’re just trying to keep busy and experience as much as we can while we’re able to.

Any final words or thoughts you’d like to share?

Yes, thank you for spending the time to talk to me. If you are reading, support Oddboy and your locals. No one does this for their health and sometimes it’s not entirely clear how much energy it takes to keep something like Oddboy or a band going. If we didn’t have the same kind of support early on from our friends and locals, we might have never made it out of Gainesville.

Frameworks is on tour now!
Frameworks is on tour now!

Keep up with the band on Instagram @frameworksband. Get your copy of their new record “Smother” HERE.

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