5 Most Influential Albums from Patrick Thomas (Riot Stares)

Just last month Charleston’s own, Riot Stares released their three song EP entitled Let the Phase Speak via Bitter Melody Records (US) and Speedowax Records (EU). The EP is a heavy hitter filled with Helmet inspired riffs, gut wrecking hardcore vocals, and a Cast Iron Hike cover to top it off. Just passing the one year mark of their debut S/T EP the band has had a busy year with multiple tours along with staying active in other bands like WVRM and False Light. This month, Riot Stares is out with Out Of Body (TX) for an east coast summer tour. After playing the Odd Room here in Charlotte just last night, it seemed only right to bug guitarist, Patrick Thomas about a couple of his favorite most significant albums.

All Photos by Daniel White

What are 5 influential albums that have shaped you as a musician and/or the sound of Riot Stares?

Helmet – Betty
Hard to pick one Helmet record but I’m gonna say this one cause Issy & I saw them play it in its entirety a couple years ago in Charlotte.

Orange 9mm – Driver Not Included
The energy & groove on his record is just unmatched. This band doesn’t get enough love.

Refused – Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent
One of a kind. So many wacky riffs. The drums are mental. I’d say there’s some influence here lyrically too. We covered Rather Be Dead for a long time.

Cast Iron Hike – Watch it Burn
We covered the second track on our new 7″, so this one is obvious. But this shit is so heavy to me. Incredible production. Really the vocals are what makes this band, though.

Snapcase – Progression Through Unlearning
A hardcore masterpiece. And in my opinion the greatest production on a hardcore record ever. God wrote these fucking riffs & lent them his snare drum.

How has the recent release of ‘Let the Phase Speak’ been received?

It’s a small release, so we didn’t expect much of a reaction. But all of the feedback has been really positive. Getting the records made was a way quicker process this time, so I think that kept people excited about it between announcing it & them actually getting it in their hands.

Was it intentional to release it so close to the one year mark of the S/T EP?

Actually no! I wish it was a lot less time between releases to tell you the truth. We want to be putting out new material really consistently but it also takes us forever to finish anything.

After this tour with Out of Body, what’s next for Riot Stares?

Probably a couple short stints of shows in the fall & early winter, but we mainly want to focus on our next release. We got some decent ground covered this year, so we’re gonna get back into writing mode for a while.

Riot Stares will be on tour with Out of Body Through the rest of the month.

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Be sure to pick up their new EP Let the Phase Speak out now via
Bittermelody Records (US) or Speedowax Records (EU).

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