10 + 5 Questions with Little Fury Things.

I used to do a monthly segment in Crowd Surfer Magazine (RIP) where I ask a band a set of 10 questions. I decided to expand the idea, but still ask really dumb questions and see where a band took it.

The first guinea pig in this new experiment is Little Fury Things, which is a newer band in the Charlotte area. If you like Hum or newer Title Fight, they are definitely a band you should be listening to. Their new s/t EP is streaming now on Bandcamp, so don’t sleep on it. Any band that is down with Quicksand is cool in my book.

Why did you change your name from Sunnyvale to Little Fury Things?

We had dealt with a lot of lineup changes throughout the duration of Sunnyvale. We felt discontent with everything we’d written under that name and wanted to turn a new leaf. On top of that another band named Sunnyvale from Florida had been sending us messages for months demanding that we change the name and eventually threatened us with a lawsuit.

Where did y’all come from? (Explain the history of the band)

We’re all from Charlotte and surrounding areas. We all met over time through previous bands. Paul and I were in another band before this and we met Will while that was going on (though he didn’t join this band until very recently. We met Luke when we played a show with his old band while we still had our first drummer.

Best Walter Schreifels band? (you can count CIV)

Quicksand. Most of us were into Gorilla Biscuits first, but over time we all ended up listening to Quicksand the most often.

Metallica vs Slayer?

Luke: Slayer

Will: Slayer

Paul: Metallica

Grant: Metallica

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Will: “Hot Fuss” by The Killers

Paul: “Demon Days” by Gorillaz

Luke: “Meteora” by Linkin Park

Grant: “You’d Prefer An Astronaut” by Hum

What’s next for Little Fury Things?

Mostly trying to book some small tours over the summer. We’re also trying to keep the ball rolling with our writing. We ‘re also hoping to record some demos in the very near future.

What is Tape Daze?

Tape Daze is a band that Paul and I are also in with our friends Harley and Alexa. Harley used to be in a band with Paul and I a long time ago.

How do you approach each band? Like how are they different and what do you think you are able to express differently with each band?

Paul: The Tape Daze demo was pretty much written for the most part in one day by me and Alexa. We don’t have any material other than that demo, so I’m not really sure how it’ll go in the future. But for LFT, mostly someone has a riff or a part, and then we meet up and work on it together. That band works more as a group and we come up with songs together, as opposed to how some bands will have one member who mostly writes.

Grant: Tape Daze to me is pretty different from LFT. I play bass in that band and I don’t play as big of a role in the writing for Tape Daze’s music so the way I approach it is much more relaxed than LFT. Alexa wrote all of the demo with the exception of one song that I wrote the lyrics to. LFT is a little more work for me but it’s something we’ve been working at for a while now and it means a lot to me.

How do you feel about the current state of Charlotte music?

We wish there were more DIY venues. We also wish there were more mixed-genre shows since we have a lot of great bands. It would just be nice to see it more integrated. We feel Charlotte has some of the best music in the southeast, if not the country. For whatever reason the creative energy appears to be flowing in Charlotte currently.

Are you all from this area originally, and if not how do you think that ties in to your feelings of local isolation?

Paul: I’m from New Jersey and I moved to charlotte when I was nine. There are aspects of this state that I wish were different and make me feel like I belong somewhere else. But I think being a part of the music scene helps because I think every one of us probably feels like an outsider.

Will: I’m from Nashville, Tennessee originally and I’ve moved around quite a bit growing up. I’ve lived in Charlotte for the most consecutive years so I definitely feel at home here.

Grant: I’m from Missouri originally but I lived in a few different Midwestern states before moving to Charlotte. Will and I actually lived in the same small town in Iowa at different times which is just a really strange coincidence. Charlotte definitely has some differences from what I’m used to, but I think the music scene here has helped me build friendships with some really great people and I’d consider myself happy here now.

Speaking of integrated shows in Charlotte, do you all go to shows in Charlotte often or more so outside of town? 

When it comes to shows we like to go all over North Carolina.

Statement more than question. I believe the isolation people feel in Charlotte is often due to a geographic isolation. When you live in neighboring towns or even in south Charlotte it can be like an hour away to the other side of town.

Also most of the culture is isolated to the center of the city, so if you don’t live around there it can feel like things are disjointed. Also, sometimes people like to say, “why aren’t there more (insert genre) bands here?” I feel like they are missing the point. There are lots of amazing bands, just maybe there aren’t five shoegaze bands.

Ok, Next question. Favorite band. Local and National?

Grant: Ivadell, Cloakroom

Paul: Uncoil, Hop Along

Will: YAITW, Tool

Luke: Junior In His Prime, Axis

Would you rather join Against Me! or Slipknot?

Luke: Slipknot

Will: Slipknot

Paul: Green Day

Grant: Against Me!

Anything else to add? Shout out?

R.I.P. Chilly Willy. Listen to Uncoil, Substance and Low Roll.

You can catch Little Fury Things in Charlotte, NC at The Station w/ Slingshot Dakota and Alright on 4/6 aka TONIGHT! (Little Fury Things not pictured).


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