Spring Dreaming with Wildhoney.

Earlier this week, the Collective was fortunate enough to briefly chat with Baltimore pop darlings Wildhoney about their upcoming tour to SXSW, their newest EP release, and their first headlining show here in the Queen City tonight!
Photo via Topshelf Records
To start, if you’d like to tell us your name(s) and what your role is in Wildhoney!
I’m Alan, I play bass, and I’m Joseph, I play guitar.

So you are about to embark on a run of headlining shows down and back to SXSW, along with a few festival appearances. I imagine you’re excited for the next two weeks? Any moment or gig in particular y’all are stoked on?
We are excited about every gig on this tour to be honest! If we had to pick just one, we would agree it is ATX Popfest with such bands as Beverly, Fear of Men, The Spook School, Mercury Girls, and Literature, to name a few.

You just released a video for the song ‘Hurts to Hear’ from the EP you released back in October via Topshelf Records, Your Face Sideways. How has the response been these past few months to the newer material?
We have received a good deal of press surrounding the Your Face Sideways EP. It seems like people are responding really well to the record!


Sonically, Wildhoney straddles the fence between dream pop and shoegaze with relative ease. Is their a deliberate writing approach from song to song, or do you embrace the poppier moments the same as the slower, more brooding ones?
We don’t try to write in any particular style. We conceive ourselves as being just a pop band. Some of our songs are more uptempo than others, but that is simply the outcome of writing the songs individually.

One thing I’ve noticed is that you consistently shout out or post about your friends music you’re currently enjoying via social media. Is their any one particular artist or release that you’ve been big on recently?
We all really love Everyone’s Dying to Meet You by Flowers right now!

The first time you played Charlotte was last April, and your set went over incredibly well that evening. Are you looking forward to headlining a show here in a more intimate venue this time around?

We are really excited to be playing Charlotte again! We’re huge fans of the city, and the people! Really excited to play with Jenny B again as well!

Any parting words or thoughts for the readers out there?
We can’t wait to play Charlotte again!
Tickets for tonight’s show can be purchased below!


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