10 Questions with Brandon from Sea of Storms

From 7/23/2015

1. What are you up to today, Brandon?

Well, first I woke up and got dressed. I went antique shopping with my girlfriend, and then I got my hair cut. We just had a short practice, ate some food and now we are headed to Strange Matter to play a show with Planes Mistaken For Stars. John won’t stop talking about seeing Dinosaur Jr. last night.

2. How is Monty?

He’s doing very well, thanks for asking. His birthday is a few weeks and I think he can tell I haven’t gotten him anything yet.

3. Where does Monty go when you are on the road?

He mostly lives at my girlfriend’s house these days since I’m always there, so unless she is also out of town, she usually hangs with him while I’m gone.

4. Do you think about Monty constantly on the road?

He is always on my mind.

5. You’re doing a couple dates with PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS starting tonight in Richmond. When was the first time you ever heard PMFS?

I think it was probably 2001. I moved to Richmond for school and all of a sudden I was hearing a ton of music that I hadn’t already. I was fortunate enough to catch them several times in those first few years I lived here.

Flyer by Evan Plante.
This is tonight. Flyer by Evan Plante.

6. What about PMFS makes them stand out for you?

The trajectory that their band took is probably the most interesting thing to me. They changed so much over the years and I don’t think any of the records sound at all the same.

7. Any good PMFS stories?

Our old band booked their last show in Richmond years ago, and we somehow convinced the owners of the restaurant to let us do the show outside in back of the building. Three bands played in total, and while Planes was finishing their set, the police showed up to shut the show down. It was kind of amazing watching them flail through their last song completely backlit by flashing blue lights.

8. You play tomorrow at Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC. What’s next after that?

We have a couple local shows booked between now and the end of the year, and a couple shows around and at the Fest in Gainesville, Florida. Other than that, just writing and playing video games.

9. You have a new LP out, “Dead Weight.” How has that been going?

The reviews we have gotten have been pretty positive. The people that have heard the record and felt moved to talk to is about it seem to be pretty excited about it. Physical copies just got here, so we will see how that goes!

10. Do you think you’ll play both PMFS shows with your shirt ripped open in honor of Gared (guitarist/vocalist of Planes).

We didn’t want to overexposed people to bare chests, so we’ve been practicing the set with our pants ripped open.

Sea Of Storms released Dead Weight in June. Check it out here.

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