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Last week, Know Good Entertainment officially launched with full force as a new self-described “mega team of cool shit” who, in their infancy, have already organized some of the most exciting shows set to happen in Charlotte this Summer. This Friday, the city will experience its first taste of what the company has in store as post-hardcore legends Planes Mistaken For Stars take the stage at Neighborhood Theatre. We caught up with Shane Coble, Alex Shaw, and Brandy Towery; the minds behind Know Good to learn more about why they joined forces and what to expect going forward.

What is Know Good Entertainment and how did it come about?

Shane Coble: It is a boutique promotions company looking to bring some more culture and more diverse acts to the wonderful city of Charlotte, North Carolina. It came together kind of collectively between all of us. I’ve been doing shows and promotions with Permanent Vacation. Alex has been booking shows for a while. Brandy is crazy talented in a lot of different creative realms. We’ve been promoting events a lot over the years, and we decided to put all of our efforts into one thing.

Alex Shaw: And stop making other people money

SC: Yeah, quote that. Stop making other people money. And just be able to make it worth it for more bands to come into Charlotte and bring some more culture to the city

AS: Diversify. The city is really good at some things but there are some things that we miss out on, and it makes me kind of mad.

Brandy Towery: I think we all just want Charlotte to be a little better than it already is. And that’s how this formed. People here already have similar efforts, but this is our version.

AS: I think we’re uniquely placed to do this too.

Know Good Entertainment presents Planes Mistaken For Stars this Friday at Neighborhood Theatre.

What is cool or not cool in Charlotte, and what does Know Good want to do to enhance the cool and change the not cool?

AS: Charlotte’s alright. But we get skipped by these shows. And I think it’s because the people that are here in town working do a great job at what they’re good at, but they’re not interested in being different. They have their niche, and like I said, people are good at what they do but nobody is trying to do something… different.

SC: At some point it can’t always be about the bottom line. Like, business is business. But if you refuse to book someone because you might not make that much money, the city gets skipped by artists. But over time, a little bit here and there adds up. So, its kind of like, it is a business, but it cant always be a about that bottom line. Right now, this city isn’t a key market, but it could be. There are a lot of people moving here. The scene is absolutely incredible. There are so many amazing bands, but we don’t seem to get a lot of light on it because of a lot of major touring acts skipping the city. But if we can plug in our local music community with some of those major acts, then everyone can start to get some more shine.

BT: I agree. I think that we’ve all had a great deal of awesome talented friends move out of the city for one reason or the other and it sucks. It would be nice if people wanted to stay here to keep the scene progressing here.

AS: I agree with that to a certain extent. On one hand, I am tired of seeing my friends move. But I think there’s a certain point where people just say fuck it and go somewhere else and don’t try to make a difference. But this is where we live. And I want my kid to grow up in a cool place. And it’s not always easy for people like myself or Shane or Brandy to up and move. This is where we are, this is where we live, so we want to make an effort to make it better because we want to live in a better, different place. But this is a blank canvas especially doing the kind of things that we’re wanting to do, and that’s real exciting to me.

SC: I’m not trying to say that were like the saviors of Charlotte or anything. There’s a lot of people trying to do things and have been for a while, but I think that by the three of us teaming up together, it’s taking all of our ideas that we’ve been trying to bring to life for years and multiplying them by three, and seeing if we can make a difference and do cool things for the city.

AS: And also party. We like to party.

Know Good and The Oddboy Collective present Prawn at Neighborhood Theatre.
Know Good and The Oddboy Collective present Prawn at Neighborhood Theatre.

What do each of the three of you bring to the table?

AS: I have a cute accent

SC: He has the accent. I have impeccable rap skills.

BT: My haircut is really good. That’s all I really have going for me. I did just download Photoshop so I’m working on that.

AS: If Shane rapped in my accent with a wig that looked like Brandy’s haircut, we would be unstoppable.

BT: If I had your accent and could rap like Shane I would be doing really well.

AS: You definitely wouldn’t need us.

BT: That would probably put me a step ahead of Iggy Azalea.

AS: Two steps

SC: Ten steps

AS: But I have a network that I’ve built by running Neighborhood Theatre for a few years. I just think that Brandy and Shane can bring the community together in a way that I can’t because I’m quite polarizing and people don’t like me very much.

SC: I have a ton of years of experience booking shows, but I’ve been mainly focused pretty much on one genre, but I listen to a lot more than rap, and we all listen to more than one genre, but we all had our strong suits, and we all had our own lanes, and together we can create a mega team of cool shit.

AS: We don’t want to work alone all the time either. We’re going to team up with some people in town who we believe in who can help us diversify and that we think, having some more experience in what we do, we can pull them along with us and have this like big squad of people who are all working towards the same thing.

SC: I’d like to work with those Oddboy guys, I hear they’re nice people.

AS: I hear bad things. But there are a lot of people in town. People that I really believe in. Fuck being lazy. Fuck being cliché. Fuck doing the same thing because it’s easy.

SC: I don’t want to bring in a band or someone who is going to sell a venue out that I think sucks. I’d rather bring a band in that I believe in and build a relationship with them. Like fuck if I could rap in Linkin Park or something ridiculous like that, at this point I’d be like hell yeah because that shit makes money, but at the end of the day we are just about betterment of this place.

What can people look forward to right now from Know Good?

AS: The Planes Mistaken For Stars is the first official Know Good event. Prawn is coming with the help of The Oddboy Collective.

BT: Andrew W.K. in September.

AS: Numerous things are in the works. We’re just getting started. Just to have three shows at this point, in the time that we have been a company for less than two weeks, is pretty good. Plus the Andrew W.K. show is going to be the party-est show that Charlotte has ever seen, for sure.

They obviously like to party.
They obviously like to party.

Anything else?

SC: No I don’t think so. I said it a lot, but we all have a love for Charlotte and for music, and again, that’s really all this is about.

AS: I like Charlotte. I don’t really care for music. We just want to continue the work that we already have set in place and do it our way and it’s going to be fun. Right?

BT: Fun. For sure.

SC: Absolutely. Let’s have more fun in Charlotte.

AS: Let’s fuck shit up.

Thanks guys.

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