Moogfest artist highlight : RBTS WIN.

For the next few weeks we will excitedly be dedicating our time to coverage of Moogfest, an awesome, unique event that North Carolina is lucky to host every year. For our first installment, we reached out Clif B. Worsham, one third of Asheville trip-hop outfit RBTS WIN. The group will be returning to play the festival for their fourth time, and were gracious enough to discuss with us their past experiences at Moogfest (which has until this year taken place in their hometown), who they’re amped to see this year, and their take on some other things happening in North Carolina.

What has RBTS WIN been up to lately? Anything new in the works?

We are constantly working on new music. We just finished our new full length titled Sensitivity Kit but have no release date in sight. We are working on a full length with Charlotte rapper SchylerChaise called ‘The Olympic Flames’, and we’re also working on a project with James The Gentleman of Mic Co from Tennessee.

‘Dap City’, the 2015 collab album with Rapper Shane, was the last full length project you released. How does collaborating with other artists affect your creative process? Any plans for a Dap City 2?

Working with other artists only pushes the creative process for me. You get the input of another creative mind or in some occasions many. I feel like music is the art form that you can easily do that with. We love doing collaborations with singers, rappers, beat makers and all that. We’ve had people play the saw and shit. We are currently in the writing stages of Dap City 2. No release in sight, but it is being cooked.

What is your take on the music scene in your hometown of Asheville?

The local music scene in Asheville is all over the place. From folk to country.  We have a great beat night at the Moth light that is kind of like our version of Brainfeeder.  Since bigger venues like The Orange Peel and New Mountain came into the area, we are getting a lot of national touring acts that usually only came to Charlotte or Tennessee. So that is cool to be able to see acts like that in such a small town setting.

You guys are returning to MoogFest this year for the fourth time. What has your experience playing the festival been like in the past?

It has been like Disneyland for people like us who are interested in electronic music production with an emphasis on using hardware, beat machines, analog synths, etc. Not only do you get a chance to see some of the great acts that use this gear, but you get to hear the people who made these machines speak on their life at the time they did this. It really is an all encompassing festival for the gear nerd.


As Asheville natives, do you think the festival can retain the same vibe it’s had in the past in a new city like Durham?

I think with a festival like Moogfest the spirit will travel along with it. Really it is all about the vision of the festival and Moog in general. I can say that I’ll be bummed not to see it in Asheville again. It just made this small mountain town that I’ve lived in my whole life, that was never really cool when I was a kid, be so cool and hip. Its just really cool to see that happen. Always a great vibe.

Any artists/speakers/workshops in particular that you’re stoked to check out at the festival?

Oh man there is so much to see!!!! We are super hyped on seeing Gary Numan, Explosions in the Sky, Health… we could really go on all day. Our heads are still spinning from the announcement of the lectures, so we’re still working on our game plan for that. There truly is so much to try to see.

What else is cool/not cool in North Carolina right now?

What is cool is Permanent Vacation Crew, Rapper Shane, SchylerChaise, Elevator Jay, Lute, Snug Harbor, Hungry Girl, Foreign Air, Well$, Tange Lomax, Jimmy Kelso, Big Dave…. shit, so much cool.

What is not cool is Trump supporters and that sick fuck Pat McCrory. I know a lot of people are hating on NC right now, but man, it really is a magical place. We just need to figure out these fucking idiots who think they run the place.

Any final thoughts?

Thanks for everything!

Check out RBTS WIN at Moogfest on Saturday, May 21 at 4:00 p.m. at The Pinhook. Festival tickets available HERE.

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