Moogfest Artist Highlight : The Body.

For another installment of our profiles of artists playing Moogfest this year, we give you a chat we had last week with Lee Buford, one half of Portland’s The Body. The two-piece “post-doom” group stands out is a wildcard in this year’s lineup. I first became aware of them a few years back after their 2011 collaboration with Greensboro’s post rock titans Braveyoung. Both bands played together at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, where they just kind of took the stage without warning and unassumingly started playing. To this day, I remember the start of that set is one of the most terrifyingly loud and exhilarating few seconds of music I’ve ever experienced. Since then, The Body have remained one of the most intriguing and inventive figures in heavy music. They have at times been referred to as “composers” rather than just a metal band. I don’t know. They’re just rad, OK!  Do not miss them.

You guys are in Europe right now supporting your new collaborative record with Full of Hell? How’s the tour going? Where are you right now?

I actually didn’t go because I don’t fly but I got daily updates. Seemed like it went really well. I picked up “The Body” a couple of days ago and I think they had a good time.

You guys have a history of working with other bands on full releases, which is sort of a unique thing in the heavy music world. What’s the story behind that idea?

Since there’s only two of us it’s easy for us to kinda meld in with other people. It keeps things interesting creatively and also we get to hang with our buds in the studio or on tour.

You guys are based in Portland now, but you guys lived in Greensboro for a while if I’m not mistaken. What’s your take on the North Carolina music scene compared to other places in the country?

We weren’t really there long enough to I think get a feel for it since we mainly just played basketball and went to Acme Comics everyday. We’ve been friends with Braveyoung and Torch Runner since I think the beginning of both those bands, so we’ll always be happy to see them and see what they’re up to. Zac from Braveyoung just played drums for me on that European tour. As far as Greensboro goes it seemed like with Kris Hilbert having Legit Biz as a studio and a place to practice is a huge advantage over a lot of other towns, especially towns in the south. Whenever you can have a centralized place for musicians to be around each other I think it really pushes things creatively.

Lee Buford and Chip King : The Body. Photo by Richard Rankin.
Lee Buford and Chip King : The Body. Photo by Richard Rankin.

This is your first time playing Moogfest. Any artists/speakers/workshops you guys are particularly stoked to check out at the festival?

I’m really excited to see a ton of people play. Gary Numan, Ben Frost, Julia Holter, Rabit, The Orb, Laurie Anderson, and Laurel Halo. I think Julianna Barwick is playing the same time as us which I’m really bummed to miss. I’m looking forward to check out Greg Fox doing a workshop with those crazy new drum triggers. I think I’ll be pretty busy the whole weekend.

Do you feel like out of place at all playing a mostly electronic music festival?

Musically I do, but as far as the stuff we listen to not at all. I feel like besides being a guitar/drum loud band we don’t have anything in common with most bands we usually play with. But I think we’re kinda moving more towards not having guitars and drums and going more samplers and drum machines.

Any new music in the works?

We’re recording on this upcoming tour for an undetermined project and I’m sure we’ll start writing new stuff once we acquire new gear when we get home.

Any final thoughts

I’d just like to thank Tina and Grayson Haver-Currin and EqualityNC and everyone else trying to fight against the recent legislation y’all have had to deal with.

Thanks Lee.

The Body will be playing Moogfest on Saturday May 21st at The Pinhook at 5 p.m. You can order “One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache” by The Body and Full Of Hell from Neurot Recordings.

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